IA and Sustainable Finance


CIRANO, OBVIA, Fin-ML and Algora Lab are partnering to launch the «AI and FinSustainable» initiative promoting data science in sustainable finance.

The AI and Sustainable Finance project is situated in the context of sustainable investment in Quebec and evolving ESG assessment and disclosure standards. On the one hand, civil society is demanding more transparency from companies and investors regarding their environmental impact. On the other hand, companies and investors will have to submit to a trend of standardization of disclosure standards and a strengthening of ESG evaluation. Thus, it's imperative to equip companies, investors, government, society and institutes producing normative frameworks to encourage the sustainable transition in Quebec.


This research project explores the added value of data science in the evaluation and disclosure of the sustainable transition of Quebec companies. First, the team is looking at the Quebec ecosystem to connect the needs of investors and companies with the potential applications of data science and AI. A thorough analysis of the needs around the net-0 transition of the transportation and natural resources sectors will be done. The first phase of the project will take place over 9 months and is built around 3 research axes: a literature review, an applied analysis of the Quebec landscape of sustainable transition by Natural Language Processing, as well as roundtables and interviews with key players in the ecosystem.


Ultimately, final recommendations will be provided to the relevant government authorities and a guide will be formulated for the sustainable finance sector. Ways to continue the project will also be identified, including a list of potential use cases and a public monitoring tool.

Presentation of the AI and Sustainable Finance project

Launch of the AI and Sustainable Finance project